FREE NEON ISLAND DLC for FPV Drone racing and freestyle simulator

Crashing is inevitable in FPV. Crashes are expensive. But here’s the secret: the more you learn, the less you crash.

Let's dive in

  • Seamless integration with your favourite controller
  • Practice racing skills or enjoy freestyling with selected maps
  • Platform agnostic. Run FPV.SkyDive on PC, Mac or Linux computer
  • Drone physics optimised for the most realistic flying experience

Learn how to fly FPV drones

Learn how to fly drones with Orqa FPV.Ctrl, a Bluetooth-based drone controller for FPV simulators and a perfect match to Orqa FPV.SkyDive

How to use your code?

After you receive your code on e-mail, visit Steam platform and use it there!


More on the link:


Enable your radio controller based on JR Standard module bay with Bluetooth connectivity for seamless wireless connectivity to your favourite simulators on desktop and mobile devices.

Orqa FPV.JR Bluetooth is compatible with all radio controllers with JR module bay and desktop (Mac,PC, Linux) and mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Huawei). Orqa FPV.JR Bluetooth module supports all major FPV simulators. For the best experience download and install Orqa FPV.Skydive simulator from Steam.

To download Orqa FPV.Skydive Mobile* use links bellow:

*Orqa FPV.Skydive Mobile is in Open Beta version.


  • Orqa FPV.BT Module
  • OpenTX based radio with GHST protocol support
  • JR Standard Module bay on Radio Controller
  • PC, Linux, Mac or iOS, Android or Huawei with a Bluetooth Module

Installation Steps:

  1. Update your controller with the latest version of Open TX via this link;
  2. After updating your OpenTX, set External RF mode to GHST and turn off the controller;
  3. Plug in FPV.BT in JR bay and turn on the controller again;
  4. Go to your desktop or mobile device and search for "Orqa FPV.JR Bluetooth" bluetooth device
  5. After pairing/connecting your desktop or mobile device with FPV.BT, it should appear as a joystick or controller device;
  6. If you wish to connect FPV.Bt with a new device, push the "reset" button on FPV.Bt and wait for a green light.

Technical specifications:

  • JR Standard Module
  • JR Standard Pinout
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Reset button 
  • RGB Status LED
  • Low Latency 

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