Orqa Loyalty Program

A loyalty program is also known as a rewards program or customer loyalty program. It is designed to foster customer loyalty and maintain a long-term relationship between the business and its customers. Loyalty programs typically involve offering various incentives, rewards, or benefits to customers who frequently make purchases or demonstrate loyalty to the brand. These rewards can take different forms, such as points, discounts, free merchandise, exclusive  personalized offers, or special privileges. As customers accumulate points or reach certain milestones, they can redeem their rewards for discounts, free products, or other incentives, creating an incentive for continued patronage.


Ways to Earn Orqa Loyalty Points

  • Buying Orqa products
  • Earning Extra Points for buying specific products or bundles
  • Following Orqa on Social Media accounts
  • Subscribing to newsletter
  • Creating Orqa account
  • Placing orders


Ways to Redeem Orqa Loyalty Points

  • Free items/products
  • Free shipping
  • Discounts on your orders
  • Birthday discounts