Experience realistic flight simulation with the FPV.Ctrl controller within the simulator.
Unlock the full potential and enjoy lifetime unlimited access to the FPV.SkyDive simulator.

By using FPV.Ctrl*, you gain access to all parts of the simulator not included in the free version of FPV.SkyDive. These include DLCs and content obtained through in-simulator purchases.

*Access to all parts is available during the session when the controller is connected to the PC/Mac/Linux version of the simulator on Steam via USB cable

**FPV.Ctrl unlocked these DLCs: Neon Island, Midnight Airport, Red Canyon, Whoop Drone & Parking Garage, and Flight School.


Crashing is inevitable in FPV. Crashes are expensive. But here’s the secret: the more you learn, the less you crash.

We feel that the best way to start your FPV pilot journey is to start in Orqa FPV SkyDive. Great thing about it is — crashes are free.



When you are confident enough to take your skills to the real world, all you need is a radio module that connects to your drone, and you’re ready to fly.

Orqa has joined forces with Immersion RC to design and build the lightest radio controller module ever: IRC Ghost UberLite.



  • Built-in rechargeable battery;
  • USB-C for connectivity and charging;
  • Low latency Bluetooth radio links for mobile and desktop connectivity
  • Programmable buttons and switches.



  • Gamepad style ergonomics;
  • Perfect fit for small or big hands;
  • Robust and solid feel;
  • Every button you need. Not more.



Manage settings, update firmware, assign channels or calibrate your sticks using FPV.Ctrl mobile application. Intuitive interface and user experience. Available on iOS, Android and Huawei.

Make sure to install the latest firmware update for safe flying!


Immersion RC Ghost UberLite

When you are ready to take your piloting skills to the next level, there is a dedicated Ghost radio module made exclusively by Immersion RC, the godfather of FPV.

Full range 2.4GHz (LoRa/FLRC) Ghost radio module, 500Hz synchronized frames, integrated foldable antenna, maximum output power of 350mw. Probably the best radio module ever.


Orqa FPV.SkyDive Simulator

Learn how to fly drones with Orqa FPV.Ctrl, a Bluetooth-based drone controller for FPV simulators and a perfect match to Orqa FPV.SkyDive. Orqa FPV.SkyDive is available for download on Android and iOS app stores and it is completely free-to-play. So, grab your Orqa FPV.Ctrl radio controller, connect it with your mobile device, download and start FPV.Skydive, and you are ready to fly - safe and high!

Notice: iOS version has to be updated to 15.4. version or more.




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