This version of the classic rapidFIRE is video-only, and has no audio support. Audio is rarely used in the FPV world, so most customers won't notice the change.
The reason for this (temporary) change is a worldwide shortage of critical filter parts required for audio support.


The ImmersionRC rapidFIRE w/ Analog PLUS Goggle Receiver Module is more than a diversity receiver. By using advanced algorithms it takes the best signal from each antenna and blends them into the clearest FPV picture possible.

Native integration with Orqa FPV.One, FPV.One Pilot and FPV.One Race model. Control the rapidFIRE module via Orqa headset.

The rapidFIRE technology the rapidFIRE module is named after 'fuses' together the images from two 5.8GHz A/V receiver modules into one beautiful, interference-free image. Tearing and rolling are eliminated and our advanced noise-detection algorithms guarantee a clean and stable image at all times. The rapidFIRE module is optimized for use in environments with multi-path interference such as indoor racing, flying in abandoned buildings etc. but also offers superb sensitivity and selectivity outdoors and for long-range use. 

As expected from ImmersionRC we've future-proofed the rapidFIRE module by equipping it with a USB port, allowing future firmware updates and the adding of new features through our Vortex configuration app.

The rapidFIRE module enables easy menu navigation by means of a 5-way joystick which is used to scroll around the menus that are displayed on a responsive OLED display on the outside of the module, with feedback of critical parameters displayed on the OSD. 

Key features included are a built-in spectrum analyzer, favorite channels with live single-channel spectrum display for manual tuning, band scanning and many, many more.

1x  ImmersionRC rapidFIRE Goggle Receiver Module


  • width: 8.5cm
  • length: 9.5cm
  • height:  3.5cm
  • weight: 0.08kg

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