Flight School is downloadable content and it requires the base game FPV SkyDive : FPV Drone Simulator on Steam in order to play.

Prepare to elevate your FPV skills with a total of five crafted units. The first unit is available for free, introducing you to the fundamental concepts of FPV flight in angle mode, while the following four units are included in this DLC to provide you with an in-depth and immersive learning experience. Let's explore each unit and what they have in store:


With the use of FPV.Ctrl within the simulator, users get the entire DLC activated for free.
*Users using FPV.Ctrl within the simulator do not have the DLC in their Steam inventory; instead, the DLC is unlocked during the session in which FPV.Ctrl is in use and connected to a computer via cable.*

Unit 1: FPV Basics

Dive into the world of FPV skydiving with an introduction to its basic concepts. Learn about essential gear, safety protocols, and the fundamentals of piloting in angle mode.

Unit 2: Acro Mode Basics

Take your skills to the next level by delving into Acro Mode, the cornerstone of FPV freestyle and aerobatics. Learn how to control your drone in this mode with various flight rates.

Unit 3: FPV Advanced Concepts

Gain mastery over throttle management, ascension, descension, cornering, and angles for precise and confident control of your FPV drone.

Unit 4: Maneuvers

Get ready to perform jaw-dropping maneuvers with precision. Master complex flight patterns and navigate through challenging obstacles with ease.

Unit 5: Tricks

Unlock the secrets of FPV trickery as you learn to perform stunts and flips that will amaze and challenge your abilities. Perfect your repertoire with a range of impressive tricks!


Attending Flight School and successfully completing practices allows players to accumulate flight points, which help them reach higher ranks in the simulator, with each subsequent unit granting even more points!


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