ImmersionRC Ghost Lite module Bundle

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Lite Module Bundle

Ghost is a game-changing 2.4GHz Radio Control system for R/C Model Control, with a focus on

the FPV community.

Designed with input and torture testing from the legendary XBlades Drone Racing team, the

Ghost is simply the current state of the art for drone racing control links.

For the world of drone racing, Ghost’s 500Hz packet rate, with transmitter side diversity,

receiver side diversity (Duo models), and 'Solid' transmission modes result in entire races with

zero packets dropped. Nothing on the market today compares.

In the emerging FPV cinematic world, Ghost is trusted by some of the top pro cine-pilots, who

need to fly 10k+ camera systems in extremely noisy RF environments. Ghost excels in these

applications, and provides a far more reliable link than Sub-GHz equivalents (915/868MHz).

To round it off, Ghost delivers the goods in the world of long range FPV, with proven range out

past 30km, something previously unheard of for a 2.4GHz link.

All of these applications are possible with the same transmitter, same receiver, same antennas,

no module swapping in the field to adapt to different environments.

Note: Full specifications, including product photos, are available on our public website here:

‘Lite’ Module Package 

Package Contents

- 1x 'Lite' Module

- 2x Tx Antennas (2.4GHz dipoles)

- 2x Ghost Atto Receivers

- 2x Ghost qT Antennas with lockable 'U.FL' connectors

- 2x Sets of connecting wires

General Specifications

- Frequency Range : 2406 - 2479MHz

- Modulation: Chirp Spread Spectrum + Adaptive FHSS

- Binding: Bidirectional with confirmation and protocol negotiation

- RF Profiles: Race, Pure Race, ‘Normal’, and Long Range, more to come

JR Module Transmitter Specifications

- Uplink Tx Power: 16uW - 350mW (+/- 0.5dB)

- Frame Rate: Up to 500Hz

- Format: Standard ‘Lite’ Module

- Compatibility: Any R/C Tx which accepts 'Lite' modules (FrSky XLite, etc.)

- Serial Formats: GHST, SBus - Auto-Sense

- Firmware: USB Upgradable(with OTA updates for receivers)

- Power Supply: 6V-20V, 1.75W @ 400mW, ~250mA at 7.4V

Atto Receiver Specifications

- Downlink Tx Power: +13dBm

- Sensitivity: -117dBm in Long Range mode

- Serial Formats: GHST, SBus, SBus-Fast (200k) , SRXL-2 (400k), SBus Inverted

- Firmware: Over-the-air (OTA) upgradable

- Power Supply: 5V recommended, as low as 3.3V tolerated

- vTx control: Tramp control from 'T' pin on Rx, regardless of selected serial format

- Dimensions: 14.8mm x 11.5mm, 0.6g (w/o antenna)

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